About Us

Lotus Filmworks, Inc. is a Los Angeles based production company that was started at the beginning of 2004. Since opening our doors, we have had the privilege to work with very talented artists and directors. We have experience working on a diverse range of projects including commercials, 360 VR, live concerts, music videos, documentaries and branded content. As a small production company that owns its own Camera equipment & VR gear, Lotus is able to operate very efficiently, and has the capability to produce a wide range of projects. We are also able to maintain a very competitive edge in such a tough marketplace. On top of this, we have the experience to really support our directors and enable them to grow.

Aside from the directors listed on this site, we have a partnership with another production company that we manage and executive produce so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Rosanne Cunningham - Executive Producer/Owner

Rosanne has been an executive producer for both music videos and commercials for over 20 years. She started off at What You See is What You Get in San Francisco. After about 6 years, she started the next leg of her career at Squeak in Los Angeles, where she remained for 3 years. She later moved to Partizan Entertainment as Executive Producer, before starting Lotus. As the executive producer of her own company, Lotus Filmworks, Inc., Rosanne is known for working closely with directors, and has been instrumental in developing several of her directors' careers.  Out of the Lotus offices Rosanne currently runs and executive produces for Chris Robinson and a few other directors through Robot Films.